We Have Been in Eclipse Season

Eclipses from two “families” occurred this summer that will continue to be operating in all of our lives, for a number of months.

Cancer- Capricorn: How are you expressing nurturing and unconditional love, for yourself and others, while recognizing proper boundaries and in your role in the world? (7/12/18) (1/5/19)

Leo-Aquarius: How are you expressing your personal, special creativity, while being a member of and serving humanity at large? (7/27/18) (8/11/18) (1/21/19)

These questions are affecting everybody! How and where they take focus in your life, take on particular significance and urgency depend on the houses and planets they are touching in your own natal birth chart. (see “Astrological Counseling” Services)

Future eclipses in these signs will continue to occur in the next year or two so the questions will remain “up”!

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