Third Eye Consulting

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Anonymous

Organizational Development and Change Consulting
for Non-Profit, Large and Small Businesses

How I Can Help You

Based on my extensive and varied experience, I can help you and your organization improve the way it is functioning, according to all critical criteria, by helping to focus attention on the human nature of the organizational system. Whether it is through performing a system-wide assessment of your current state, helping you to articulate your Vision, Mission and strategic plans, providing training in essential process skills like communication, decision making, planning and conflict management, or facilitating your specific planned efforts to create meaningful, long lasting change, I can assist you.

My Story

I entered Graduate School at the University of Michigan in the 1970’s, at a time of groundbreaking and paradigm shifting research and experimental practice, through government, private industry and university collaborative efforts to create large-scale, system-wide change in the auto, steel and other business industries. With competition at a record high from Japan, American businesses realized the time had come to examine their core values around profitability and quality, their management practices, utilization of human resources and relations with collective bargaining unions.

With my prior education in “Human Behavior and Institutions”, an interdisciplinary approach to behavior at the University of Chicago, and through my activities in the “Organizational Psychology” program at the University of Michigan, including a research associate position at the related Institute for Social Research, I was able to become involved in the ground floor of these exciting experiments with building participative, team based decision making, socio-tech system design, innovative labor-management cooperative efforts, leadership development, the overhauling of pay, productivity, communication and other central structures of Ford Motor, National Steel, AT&T and many other organizations.

The transformations that occurred within these industries showed that deep, cultural change in core operating values was possible, for the betterment of the organization and all of its members. We saw that the principles for planned organizational development and change we were able to deduce from these efforts could be applied to non-profit organizations, as well as small businesses and in basic principle, to simple groups of individuals.

The field of Organizational Change, Development and Transformation, born in the 1970’s, has become an established discipline and most large organizations have personnel with this expertise, usually associated with their Human Resource functions, while still often drawing on external, independent third party practitioners to assist where internal personnel reach their limits of effectiveness.

Key Services

Organizational Change

Assisting non-profits, corporations and small businesses to understand and transform their efficiency and effectiveness through addressing the human nature of the system

Organization Diagnosis

Establishing a baseline of what is working and not in the organizational system so that targeted, effective change planning is possible

Change Process Planning

Assisting client in developing an integrated system wide change plan that will support the achievement of the Vision, Mission and Strategy

Change Process Support

Ongoing facilitation, coaching and training to implement the needed changes to support the change plan and Vision

Leadership Coaching

Assessment and ongoing counseling of the individual leaders of the organization so that their objectives support the Vision of the organization and their behaviors support their objectives

Team Building

Training in goal setting, group problem, effective communication, conflict management and maximization of member individuality in support of the team.

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

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