About Me and Testimonials

Who am I and what do I do?

I am a transpersonal psychologist; that is, I believe that in addition to the physical, mental and emotional qualities we have, we have a spiritual nature as well. This is often thought about in terms of our having a “Soul” and a correlated idea, that we are a Soul in a physical body, having an earth-based experience.

There are many implications to this, a major one being that our deepest, fundamental, true and unique nature lies at the Soul level, including our purpose for being here, our talents and gifts, our lessons and wounding needing healing.

This idea makes sense when we take the viewpoint that our Souls incarnate lifetime after lifetime, to learn, grow and evolve, eventually returning to the Source of it all, once enlightened.

Devorah Tracey Nye

How Did I Get Here?

I have had the benefit of great educational experiences which were instrumental in preparing me to do healing at this level.

I attended the renowned public school system of Lexington, MA in the 1960’s, the University of Chicago for my undergraduate degree (A.B., with Honors, in Human Behavior and Institutions) and the University of Michigan for Graduate School (M.A. in Organizational Psychology.)

The common thread throughout these experiences was learning to ask the “right questions” and to engage in ongoing inquiry to discover the answers…. Indeed, “questions” have driven my ongoing learning process and both formal and informal educational experiences.

THE KEY QUESTIONS powering me all these years, with both personal and professional ramifications, have been:

  • How can we fully understand the deep individuality of each human being?

  • How can we best understand what leads to the full and happy self-expression of that individuality? And the causes of not doing so?

  • And most importantly, how can we truly remove and heal the obstacles to that Self-expression?

From my earliest years I was aware of the pain and suffering in the world, in the frustration, unrealized potential of people around me, both known and unknown, and senseless conflict in the world at large. It always just seemed to me that if human beings could be whole, fulfilled and freely Self-expressive, the world would be a much better place! I still believe that, though my understanding of what they means has deepened considerably.

My desire, intention and commitment throughout my life has been to help others live the fullest, most free, joyful and peaceful possible lives as human beings, fulfilling their deepest Souls’ desires and ongoing evolution and return to Divinity.

My Unique Journey

From my first Psych class in High School, I went searching for answers to my “big questions.” I began to see in college that psychology itself did not provide satisfying answers…people were “high achievers or low”; or “extraverts or introverts” but there were no models that wholly articulated the various factors and dimensions that distinguished one individual from another. I did learn, thanks to the interdisciplinary program I majored in, “Human Behavior and Institutions”, that 1) people had to be understood at multiple levels: anthropological, sociological, biological as well as psychological. And 2) the methods and COURAGE to pursue my questions!

Recognizing the importance of the “collective level” on our individual experiences, I ultimately went to graduate school in the burgeoning field of “Organizational Psychology.” Understanding people in social, group and organizational settings and understanding organizations in human terms became my prime focus for many years, morphing into my becoming an organizational development and change consultant in both corporate and non-profit sectors.  I explored and participated in efforts over 30 years to make work organizations healthy for individuals and for individuals to grow in their effectiveness and capacity to create effective, worthwhile organizations.

All the while I kept my focus on the “individuality” question, being willing to look anywhere for answers.  Spiritual traditions, both the one I grew up in, Judaism, and others I studied and practiced, including Siddha yoga, a Hindu discipline, and several others, gave me great insights into how the human being was “wired’, with higher and lower (ego) selves, but still did not provide me with the individualistic understanding I was looking for. This came in the 80’s, when I took an extension class at the University of Michigan on “Psychological Approaches to Astrology” with a student of the great astrologer and University of Chicago alumna Zipporah Dobyns. Though a surprising development, at last I had access into the deep, unique potential of the individual.

35 years later, I continue to be challenged and learn from this powerful symbolic, archetypal system, both science and art, that gives us access to the order of the universe overall and to the inner world, both psyche and Soul, of the individual. As I responded to my left- brained mind over the years, attempting to come up with ways of making sense of this, I found myself integrating all I had learned throughout my education and becoming more and more convinced that this was the way to understand individuals and help them grow in self-awareness.

But I heard and found myself agreeing with Werner Erhard at some point along the way, that “In life, understanding is the booby prize.” Well, maybe not completely, but it became undeniable, through years of “talk therapy,” education, and always trying to figure things out (Virgo that I am,) that while understand has its value, it often, usually in fact, does not produce the deep change we are looking for in human beings.

As I learned different techniques and methods, conventional and not, I kept looking for answers to my third question, how can we remove and heal the obstacles to full, healthy Self-expression?  My primary answer came in the last 10 years or so, in discovering the work of Dr. Roger Woolger, the late British Jungian analysist, who pioneered Deep Memory Process (DMP).  DMP is a type of regression therapy which, using a Jungian paradigm, integrates the work of psychologists Moreno and Reich, native shamanistic methods and other modalities to produce complete healing of the deepest memories, imprints, scars, “samskaras” if you will, of the Soul, that show up as “complexes” interfering with our free, joyful, healthy Self-expression.  Just like I experienced when discovering astrology, I felt like I had found the, at least a powerful answer to deep personal, individual transformation.  And so here I am today, ready and hoping to offer it to you, the fruits of my long journey.

Highlights and Work Related History


  • University of Chicago, A.B., 1975 “Human Behavior and Institutions”
  • University of Michigan, M.A., 1978 and ABD, Organizational Psychology
  • Woolger Training International, 2018, Certified Deep Memory Process (DMP)® Practitioner

Work history:

  • Research Associate, Institute for Social Research- attitude survey design & analysis
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan
  • Labor-Management Consultant, W. P. Dolan & Assoc.; Responsive Organizations, Inc
  • Independent Organizational Development and Change Consultant, self-employed

Key clients: Corporations (e.g. Ford Motor Co, National Steel, AT&T, and their unions;) Schools: Georgia Medical Institute; Public school teacher union (MEA), Hospitals (e.g. U. of M.), Service organizations (e.g. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, synagogues)

Other worthwhile jobs:  architectural tour guide, customer service educator at horticultural company, census worker, solderer of printed circuit boards, ice cream server, waitress, synagogue secretary, office worker, Big Brothers/Sister interviewer (yes, I learned amazing things in each job!)

Training in horticulture landscape design; Master Gardener in Connecticut, 2005

Training in “alternative methods”: hypnosis, shamanistic techniques, psychic modalities, astrology, reiki, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Deep Memory Process

Volunteer:  psych wards, educational tutoring, adult mentor (Big Sister), synagogue(s) development, board membership, charter school, local community service efforts

Private counseling and coaching since 1985

Reviews & Testimonials

Regression Sessions

  • The regression session we had last year has been very helpful. It provided the healing I needed as my mother passed away only a few weeks later. I am so thankful for the healing!

  • As a result of just a few sessions with Devorah, I have had more breakthroughs than I could have imagined. Having done various types of therapies in the past, many of which were good, I’ve been surprised by the effectiveness and immediacy of the results from each session…..both in the new clarity I felt, shifts in my being and doing, and what has come into to my life. Dev’s approach was down-to-earth, she zeroed in on key issues and through her experiential “past-life” sessions, deep blockages lost their hold. Having had regression sessions before, I found them to be interesting, even revealing, but they didn't change anything in the present time. Dev's “Deep Memory Process” sessions produced shifts in my state of being and in my actual life. For example, a big and long-term issue for me, since childhood, has been not being feeling accepted by others. Since my regression session with Dev which focused on that issue, people have approached me socially and with invitations to present my work and I'm finding I am much more open to and comfortable with relationships. I can’t believe I have had such amazing results for such a small investment of time and money!!

  • I notice a profound energy transformation... from being inside the anxiety and trauma , to understanding how those energy streamers have influenced - perhaps created - events, people, and situations in this lifetime. I am now the observer, in the long process of coming to terms with realities of life, of human tendencies. I am still asking the same question I did as an Essene, but now as a curious explorer, rather than a helpless victim…..The answers will come, as they always do. In the meantime I am at peace with myself and my life, and find joy in every moment……And….. My 'Why, why, why?' has transformed into 'Count me in. Let's do it!' …… I can't thank you enough for helping me through that particularly heavy drama-trauma.

  • I was excited, nervous and apprehensive. Feel a sense of gratitude for having done this session and for you facilitating it because I have great trust in you and felt very safe. As a result of the session, [about my compulsive eating patterns] I've noticed my desire to put restrictions on myself has eased…. I don't seem to be ruminating about food and what to eat and not eat. I assess my hunger and eat what is healthy or what I feel like having. It's very freeing. I don't wake up every morning fearing and fretting about what I will eat. In that area life has taken on a certain calmness.

  • Thank you so much for your help with me in the regression we did last month. It took a great deal of skill to break through my shut-down pain avoidance. I gained so much insight into my parents, and my lingering fears based on my interactions with them. As I move on through my life as a mother of adult sons, I feel I have fresh strategies for interacting with them, based on our work. This was made particularly dramatic last week when I visited with my son. I had dreaded this trip. I never believed we could communicate at the depths we found!


Classes and Workshops

  • What an astonishing class you presented! Thank you for your insights and your generosity.  Best wishes.

  • Thank you so much for the workshop at OLLI on Friday. New knowledge I gained has initiated a transformation in perception and relationship that is amazing and helpful. Even my husband has noticed a positive difference in me.

  • Wanted to say thank you for such an interesting and informative class.  I have taken at least ten classes since I moved here…but I can honestly say yours has been the best so far.

  • Thank you for your workshop! I appreciate your generosity in sharing your study and knowledge of astrology with the class. At the end I felt much more connected with my fire energy, owning, embracing it. I felt more alive, more sexual, freer. I have a new appreciation for and…more understanding of astrology as a tool for understanding myself and others.

  • I would like to thank you again for teaching class yesterday and express how much I thoroughly enjoyed it….I have spent so much time in therapy and struggling with my challenges, it really feels like you have the key that will allow me to be able to put all the parts together, set my compass and be tracking right on a laser course for the first time in my life….This is definitely the beginning of a new and exciting journey!


Astrological Readings and Counseling Sessions

  • I recently had my first Astrological Chart done by Devorah Nye and met with her to learn about the “Map of My Life” also known known as “My Soul's Plan.” It was important to me to try and understand why at this point in my life conflict was occurring at a level that I had never experienced before. Devorah was very professional and patient in teaching me new ways to understand the principles of the universe and how they are affecting me and my relationships at this time. The information and discussions provided me with a road map to assist me at this present time in this journey of my soul and in future journeys. I went away with a new understanding leading to feelings of relief which I wasn’t able to experience using other modalities prior to working with Devorah.

  • The other time we did an astrological reading, it truly changed my life.  I am still discovering the lines and the waves [i.e. relevant archetypal patterns] in the wood and in my ceramic sculptures.