Astrological Readings and Counseling

“We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”  -Kahlil Gibran

Your Life Has a Plan!

It is an adventure!

Chosen by You, your SOUL!

A Plan for your Life, what you intend to do with it, how you can utilize your many gifts, how you intend to grow…

And the Plan can be found in your astrological Natal Birth Chart!

Your natal birth chart is your Soul’s chosen map for this lifetime and the journey it is on.  Based on the precise minute and location of your birth, it is completely individualized for you, your Soul. Even the charts of people born at the same time and place, which at one level are the same, mean different things because of the different points in their Souls’ evolution and therefore how the chart and plan will be expressed.

You are MORE than your “Sun Sign!” While the “Sun” position is of central importance, providing the integrating role and forward thrust of purpose and qualities your Soul came to develop this lifetime, it is the “tip of the iceberg”…..the focal point of your deepest, most essential nature, surely, but only one “player” amongst a whole cast of characters.

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The chart contains many “planets,” “signs,” and “houses,” as well as the interrelationships among them, which provide the substance of the Plan.  Among other things, these speak to your Purpose, Mission, Talents, Challenges, Karmic and Soul Lessons.

“Astrology is the summation of the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” -C.G. Jung

These elements are all SYMBOLS, which come together to portray the unique potential of your individualized nature.  I interpret these symbols from a PSYCHOLOGICAL as well as SPIRITUAL perspective, given that all levels of your being –Soul, Higher Self, psyche (mental and emotional nature, and Ego) and physical body– are involved in manifesting the plan your Soul has for this life.

Therefore, I do not look at it as the “planets controlling you”, rather as symbols representing the “archetypal principles” operating throughout the universe, which, through their pattern and organization at the time of your birth, imprint and organize your essential energetic nature.  In the 35 years I have been studying and working with astrology, it has never ceased to amaze me in its accuracy and power.  Yet, especially early on, I had many questions as to “how and why it could work;” the perspective alluded to here are the fruits of that inquiry which I share with my clients.

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A precise individualized map of your life's plan

What Do We Do in a Reading?

In a reading, we examine your Soul’s trek over time…where it has been, where it is going, integrating in all the various components of your psyche into what the design of the plan is and the potential your Soul has set up to manifest.

We will look at how the archetypal principles have been operating in your life thus far. We also look at how much and in what ways you have manifested the many aspects of the plan, as well as what remains to be actualized, perhaps blocked up until now.  You have already been living your life from the chart!

Through the “language of astrology” you will grow in your empowerment as you become more conscious of what you have already accomplished and be able to identify “what is next.”

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Your birth chart is a filter organizing universal energy

This can be seen in what parts of the chart are “activated” now, through the current movements and positions of the “planets”.  These are the parts of you currently being asked to unfold and be integrated into your full Self-awareness and expression!

Because there is so much “information’ available, I always ask the client before hand to identify the questions and concerns currently “up” and your desired focus in the session.  We can focus on work challenges, life purpose questions, health issues, relationship challenges, karmic inheritance and so forth.  When the issues require more in depth analysis and problem solving, we will often follow up with a focused “astrological counseling” session where we will hone in on the questions of interest, drawing on the guidance of the chart as we problem solve the issue.

Through it all you will be become aware of the “givens,” what YOU as a SOUL have built in as a plan for your life along with where you have freedom of choice and expression of the principles guiding you. You will understand yourself and your life in ways other methods have been unable to help you with.  And your personal freedom, greater peace of mind and joy will expand!

Through our work together, your Soul’s plan comes into focus, as do the blocks you are experiencing in accomplishing it….

“Psychology textbooks of future generations will look back on modern psychologists working without the aid of astrology as being like medieval astronomers working without the aid of the telescope.” —Richard Tarnas, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology


Natal Chart

  • Basic, simple overview
  • Full Session (requisite for future and in depth work)


  • “What’s Up?” Progressions & Transits
  • Birthday, Solar Return and the Year Ahead


  • Health
  • Emotional Upset
  • Relationship- with Synastry, composite charts
  • Work issues
  • Finances
  • Life Purpose
  • Karmic Evolution and Blocks to Living

Charts of Groups and Organizations

Astrological Counseling and Coaching


Sessions start at $95 for a Basic Reading.  Inquire about Special Rates and Packages.

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“If we are rooted in the faith that the Highest Power wants us to courageously live our unique purpose during our short lives then we should not be concerned about what others think when we live our truth and speak our truth.  Let’s pledge to break from the conformist herd mentality and re-connect with a higher consciousness of our deepest purpose!” -Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz