Ancestral Memory and Spirit Release

“Everyman is an omnibus in which his ancestors ride.”  -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sometimes Your Soul Is Not Alone…

Discover your “inner genealogy!”

Help your ancestors heal…

Free yourself from the “unfinished business” of other Souls…

So your own Soul’s trek can proceed unfettered!

When we have come to the end of our physical journey, the Soul’s trek continues on.  Ideally the Soul is complete and at peace with its most recent life on the physical plane, and it moves with relative ease to higher realms of consciousness and Light, where it can review, process, learn and plan for its future evolution.

But many Souls have experienced sudden, traumatic experiences, often with very painful, tragic deaths, that leave the Soul bewildered and lost once it has left its physical body. These Souls, or fragments of Souls, cannot move to the higher realms and they can spend eons attached to the physical plane, trying to complete their last physical lifetime.  They generally “don’t know that they’re dead” and very frequently will attach to a person or place, seeking resolution and peace.  You, as a carrier, may be deeply and subconsciously holding that entity’s memories along with your own.

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Ancestral Memories, “Bonding” and Release

Frequently and not surprisingly, these entities look to stay connected to their old life through one of their descendants i.e. YOU! The unresolved issues of one or more of your ancestors can run through the family line like a chain, generation after generation being impacted by and living out the unresolved issue of a dead parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc.  These issues are held within the deep memory of the ancestral line.

It is also possible that you will strongly resonate with the ancestor’s soul memories and even “magnetize” the attachment of a disembodied spirit ancestor if you have a “hook”- a weak, unresolved issue in your own Soul’s history that is akin or complementary to the issue of your ancestor.  Then you end up carrying the unresolved issues, traumatic residue and pain of another in addition to your own!

Through an ancestral memory and release session, we can locate and release your dead ancestor so that they can heal and move on to the highest realms and Light AND heal the magnetizing issue in you that drew them to you and is showing up in various areas of your life.  This session thus becomes a “two-for,” including an act of service for your lineage.  For healing the carried down issue will prevent it from showing up in your descendants’ lives!

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Random Spirit Attachment and Release

Similarly, you may have become the host for a deceased entity with whom you have no personal connection.  You just happened to be at a time and place, also carrying your own “magnetizing” issue (“hook”), that signaled to the spirit that “maybe I can find relief, get resolved or somehow find my way, here, through this person’s (YOUR!) life.” The emotional state, prevailing ideas and attitudes, even bodily complaints, of this “other spirit’ become part of you, typically without any sense on your part that the ISSUE IS THEIRS! You continue to assume it is you and blame yourself for not being able to “let go” of these chronic, energy sapping, life limiting orientations.

Through a spirit release session, we can identify, locate and release this attached spirit and help them move to higher realms, where they can find assistance and their way to the Light, thus freeing you from their baggage.  As with the ancestral case, we heal a significant part of the magnetizing issue in you that allowed this spirit to show up in your life.

Process-wise, both types of sessions share similar properties with regression therapy sessions in that we are working in a light trance state, at other levels of consciousness of both you and the attached spirit, also employing some of the same healing modalities and methods.  There are significant differences as well, since multiple Souls are involved.

Random Spirit Attachment and Release in a Place

Uncomfortable areas in your home?! The house that won’t sell? The property that can’t hold a restaurant or business?

Often due to sudden and traumatic deaths, Souls of those that have passed on can stay connected to the place where they died or another place that gave them comfort when alive.  It may be your home or place of business.

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Soul Trek Adventures Spirit Release 4

Sage-ing the space and/or requesting them to leave is typically not enough to get them to go. We can conduct a session at this place to help loosen that Spirit’s attachment and help them move onto the light, leaving your space free to create, accomplish and fill with your own joy, love, peace and Light!


These three types of sessions run approximately three (3) hours each, but are charged on an hourly rate.