Psychological Counseling

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and  you will call it fate.”  – C.G.Jung

You Are A Soul!

Having an Experience on the Physical Plane….

With a Body and PSYCHE to Support Your Adventure….

Your Thoughts, Feelings and Ego are Key Components of that Psyche!

The Soul needs a psychological “apparatus” to function on the physical plane, including but not limited to the body.  We can imagine a “Higher Self” that exists to fulfill the Soul’s Plan.  And an Ego to help us understand and negotiate reality on the physical plane. Thoughts and feelings arise within the psyche, as a reflection of the unique imprint of your astrological chart and are more or less “skewed” by the functioning of your Ego at any moment.  A healthy, flexible ego will allow for the most constructive expression of the archetypal (astrological) principles comprising your individuality.  A defended, rigid ego will produce less constructive, even distorted manifestations of the principles seeking expression by your Soul. (E.g. a Virgo being fussy and hyper-critical v. the intended discriminating, problem solving helper.)  As a transpersonal psychologist and counselor, I am always in a “psychological counseling” mode, since I am always viewing you, the client, as a psychological being arising from your essential Soul nature.

In our psychological counseling services, I use more traditional methods, usually over a series of sessions, to work on particular problems and issues experienced by the you, the client, and their underlying causes from a psychological standpoint.  I draw on my training as a psychologist at individual and collective levels, and as a change and transformation agent.  In addition to “traditional” methods , I include “alternative“ approaches, including spiritual, indigenous, astrological, metaphysical and “women’s healing ways,” to identify, define and resolve the problem and to produce wholistic healing.  The work is generally more short term and issue focused, and involving “down and dirty” problem solving, than long term therapeutic processes.

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Always mindful of the underlying individuality and plan of the Soul seeking expression, I throughout am working with you to uncover “shadow” material, that is, all content that has been pushed out of your conscious awareness at some point in time because it deviates from your conscious idea of what is acceptable.  Additionally, drawing on my Freudian background, there is a heavy focus on the defenses your Ego has developed through its journey through “reality” and in response to the Soul’s traumas and memories over its lifetimes.  Where are they on the spectrum, from being: flexible, constructive and supportive of a healthy lifestyle, to being: rigid, destructive, constraining vitality, optimism and creative problem solving of the challenges of life? How can they become more constructive? And finally, from my Jungian perspective, how full and well-integrated are the various components of the psyche overall, in support of the Soul’s plan and “adventure?”

Common topic areas:

  • Purpose- including “eldering”
  • Work- role difficulties, interpersonal tensions
  • Relationship- family, friends, etc.
  • Relationship to money, “abundance”
  • Health-sources of challenges
  • Relationship to home and community; where you live and travel
  • Chronic emotional distress, blockages, depression, anxiety

Methodologies and Techniques Drawn On:

  • Freudian, Jungian, Rogerian, Maslow stages,
  • Dream Interpretation, Hypnosis and other Trance States, Psychic reading
  • Psychodrama (Moreno); Gestalt work; Reichian body work
  • Family systems/constellation work; Ancestral healing and release; Spirit release
  • Vision Work; Vision Questing; Goal setting and project planning; Targeted Affirmations
  • Reiki, Other energy work, including Chakra Balancing
  • Ritual creation
  • Herbal and homeopathic support

In the end, I am a “Soul Coach” and counselor. These counseling and coaching sessions, while psychological in orientation, are always conducted in reference to the Soul and its needs and desires, so that it may transform, heal, evolve, ultimately reach union with Divinity.…. Particularly as it is conducted in conjunction with our other services, e.g. astrological readings and regression therapy, it becomes “therapy at a Soul Level”, for the ultimate experience of freedom, happiness and inner peace.

Series of hourly sessions at the rate of $95/hr, with or without supplementation of other services. Insurance not accepted.

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Defenses permitting vitality and growth