Regression Therapy

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”.–Kahlil Gibran

Your Psyche is Deep!

It has many layers of contents, memories, “complexes”….at conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious levels…

It contains your SOUL, your most essential, individualized nature that is connected to Spirit and is seeking a physical experience in this lifetime.

It houses the experience of this lifetime, and through the Soul, is a link to your past lives, ancestral memories and the collective unconscious of humanity.

Many of the blocks in your Soul’s journey, experienced in this life, have their source in the deepest memories of your Soul, still rummaging around in your psyche.  These deep, stored away memories can come from earlier experiences in this life, but even more frequently have their roots in the previous lives of your Soul.  The traumatic experience, unresolved issues, “unfinished business” and split-off Soul fragments of past life characters still operating in your psyche are held in your deep memories.  Accessing, transforming and releasing these memories are the key to your free passage along your Soul’s journey and a joyous, free and peaceful existence TODAY!

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The most effective process I have found for releasing the blocks associated with these memories is regression therapy (v. analysis) and particularly the approach of Dr. Roger Woolger, the late British Jungian analyst, who pioneered “Deep Memory Process”(DMP®).  Anchored in the Jungian analytic tradition, it is an efficient yet deep, intense, multi-dimensional process that produces profound and long lasting results immediately.  I am certified in this process through Woolger Training International, for whom the Chief Trainer is Patricia Walsh.

Deep Memory Process® is an approximately three-hour process which supports your psyche in finding the deeply stored memories, whether from one’s past or present life story, that underlie and continue to feed a serious block that you are experiencing today.  Through an intake interview prior to the session, we uncover the main issue you as the client want to work with today, one that is carrying significant emotional energy and which will take us to the story which is a source of the key memories. As the story is replayed in a light trance state (not hypnosis), emotional, mental and physical catharsis and thus healing begin to occur.

In the second and most unique part of the session, significant and often complete transformation, healing and release occur through my facilitating your psyche as it seeks its healing.  We use a variety of methods including active imagination (Jung), psychodrama (Jacob Moreno), body work (Wilhelm Reich), shamanic journeying, including Soul retrieval, along with the assistance of Higher Guides and spirit animals.  Energy work, essential oils, herbal medicine and other tools and techniques can supplement the process.

Regression Therapy
Complex sitting as active "bomb" in psyche.

Oftentimes just one session is needed to release a paralyzing complex, which is an active ball of energy containing mental, emotional and physical correlates, and has been imprinted into the psyche through traumatic experience.  The complex sits as a “root” in your psyche, and continually is driving upward through the psyche, shaping your day to day experience today. While according to various spiritual traditions the complex or karmic imprint, “samskara,” will eventually be resolved through many lifetimes of rebirth, in this lifetime it is generally impervious to release in any timely manner without a process that targets it, as DMP® does.

(Note: For CORE COMPLEXES, a few sessions are likely to be needed, to eliminate the entire root system. )


  • Eating issues: restrictions, disorders, over, under;
  • Money: fear of not enough, emptiness with a great deal of it;
  • Time and stress: not enough, too much…;
  • Traveling challenges: anxiety regarding travel, packing, fear of places;
  • Relationships: over-attachment, under-attachment, isolation from groups, mistrust, delusions;
  • Health: chronic issues, those resisting treatment, sometimes mystifying the medical establishment, addictions;
  • Self-Expression and communication: public speaking, fear of speaking one’s truth, being different;
  • Self-worth and identity: emotional, physical & sexual abuse, PTSD, suicidal leanings, wounded Inner Child, lack of self-confidence;
  • Chronic emotional conditions: depression, anxiety;
  • Phobias and Fears: e.g. heights, driving, public speaking, etc.

Note that this regression therapy process is not regression analysis, nor “past life tourism,” both of which typically identify and help recall various past lives you have experienced, some significant, some not.  While getting in touch with a past life usually provides some understanding and insight into present life correlates and experiences, it does not usually or typically promote the release and thus healing of the core issues and complexes developed in that lifetime, which have become embedded in the Soul and are now imprinted in the current psyche. In other methods, even when some cognitive or emotional processing does occur, generally a great deal of unresolved “residue” remains which will continue to operate in one’s current life, which I have found the DMP® method to eradicate.

It is also noteworthy that a “past life” does not have to be understood as an actual experience of the Soul prior to this lifetime. It can be understood as a symbolic story that the Soul and psyche carry, carrying meaning and of a problem it is dealing with. Regardless, uncovering it, reliving and transforming the “takeaways” from the story is key to relieving the intractable blocks we all experience at times in our lives.


Session fee is $280 and runs approximately three (3) hours.  Inquire about Special Rates for local residents, seniors, current clients and students.

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Soul fragments missing, in need of retrieval